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Sky-Nets, Ltd. owns and operates the Sky-Nets Wi-Fi Hotspot Network, which serves the general aviation community with free public wireless Internet access at Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs).

Being sponsor-funded, Sky-Nets provides pre-configured hotspot equipment to participating FBOs at no charge to the FBO. In addition, Sky-Nets offers many other benefits to ensure everyone using the network has a great experience. For example, we provide useful tips to FBOs on hosting Wi-Fi hotspots and very important information to the users (pilots, passengers, etc) on how to protect themselves on these public wireless networks.

Sky-Nets was created in mid-2006 and began deploying Wi-Fi hotspots and went live in July 2007. Sky-Nets is continually pursuing sponsorships to expand the Wi-Fi Hotspot Network.

Our Mission:

To ensure the widespread availability of secure public wireless Internet access among the general aviation community by implementing sponsor-funded Wi-Fi hotspots at Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) throughout the United States for use by pilots, passengers, and visitors, while generating publicity for the sponsors via this new exposure outlet.

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