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The popularity of mobile devices, such as laptops and PDAs, with wireless connectivity and the amount of Wi-Fi users is growing more and more everyday – make sure your location is equipped to provide public wireless Internet access!

Join the Sky-Nets Wi-Fi Hotspot Network to provide FREE wireless Internet

access to your visitors, and we’ll pay for the equipment you need!

Benefits of Joining the Sky-Nets Wi-Fi Hotspot Network

  • We give you the required equipment pre-configured to work with the Sky-Nets Wi-Fi Hotspot Network for FREE! This will also save you hours or days of time you may spend in figuring out how to setup your own equipment.

  • Receive more aircraft activity and visitors due to offering free wireless Internet access. In addition, your location will  be listed in our hotspot network directory and many others online.

  • We provide the users with tips on how to stay secure when using public networks like our Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Features of Our Hotspot Solution

  • Private Network Integration: You can integrate or create a secured private wireless network for internal use while using a single Internet connection. You can also use existing wireless networking equipment, such as wireless routers or access points, in conjunction with the equipment we'll give you to expand your hotspot coverage.

  • Content Filtering: In addition to blocking adult Web sites, we block Phishing sites that try to divulge personal information illegally, and proxy and anonymizer sites typically used for illegitimate reasons. This will help make your hotspot safer for others around and prevent people in your location or out in the parking lot from connecting and using your Internet connection for illegal purposes.

  • POP3 Email Blocking: We block the common POP3 outgoing email ports (25, 465, 587, and 2525) to help prevent spammers from sending messages from your Internet connection.

  • Bandwidth Limiting: The public wireless Internet access will be regulated. Therefore users won't use all your Internet connection power, or available speed.

  • Client Isolation: Users on the hotspot won't be able to access each others shared files.

  • Terms and Conditions Imposed: Before users can use the hotspot they must hit the I Agree button on the splash page. This lets them know it's an "Open Network", meaning the wireless system does not encrypt nor secure hotspot user communications (like all other hotspot solutions), states we and the FBO will take no liability for using the network, they can't view any inappropriate content, and so on.

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